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At Laschal Surgical we are fully committed to providing customer satisfaction through continuous improvement in all of our products, services, and activities.

Custom Products

Our unique manufacturing process allows us to go from concept to working prototype inside two weeks.

Instrument Maintenance

All Laschal surgical instruments are guaranteed for life to never rust, corrode, or loosen. Laschal Warranty

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7tclrtl Thumlok® Needle Holder

Instruments Designed to Reduce Difficulties Dentists Face Every Day

Cleanly cut tissue and sutures

Laschal’s variety of scissors are sharp and reliable for producing clean cuts.

Graft Through a Tunnel Without Interruption

Laschal’s Micro-Thin Forceps provide uninterrupted placement of tunnel connective tissue grafts.

No More Bulky Splayed Needle Holders

Laschal needle holders are ergonomically designed and will never splay.

Healing Abutments Stay In Place

Laschal’s Healing Abutment forceps gently hold and stabilize during approach, positioning and placement.

Easily Retrieve Foreign Bodies and Files

No splay or slip when only a minimal purchase point is available.

Periotomes that won't break

No more breaking tips while separating the periodontal ligament prior to extractions.

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Our Expert Panel Of Clinicians

Gilberto Debelian, DMD, PhD

Dr. Gilberto Debelian received his DMD degree from the University of Sao Paulo, Brasil in 1987. He completed his specialization in Endodontics from… Read More

Richard Rubenstein, DDS, MS

Dr. Richard Rubinstein is a native of Detroit. He attended the University of Michigan for pre-doctoral studies and graduated from the University of Michigan School… Read More

Ziv Mazor, DMD

Dr Ziv Mazor is a leading Israeli periodontist. He graduated the periodontal department of Hadassah school for dental medicine-Jerusalem Israel where…Read More


Dr. Echols has been an animal lover since a child and has worked with or cared for many species of companion, private collection, endangered wildlife and…Read More


Dr. Niemczyk graduated from the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Dental Medicine, receiving his D.M.D. in 1982 and his postgraduate Endodontic certificate in…Read More

See The Laschal Difference

SofTouch Suture Scissors

Our SofTouch Suture Scissor is designed to easily and gently cut sutures without creating additional trauma to irritated tissue.

Snagless Needle Holder

Our Snagless Needle Holder is designed to be universal and holds every size needle without losing it’s shape or strength. No joint means no snagging a suture while tying a knot.



ThumLok® Technology

Laschal Surgical instruments are offered with our Thumlok® Technology.
Our single-piece lock makes our instruments easier to use. The lock will never fail to disengage.

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See What Other’s Are Saying

As a Periodontist for almost 30 years, the choice of the quality of our instrumentation is of utmost importance. I have recently tried a new Castro needle holder by LASCHAL. The lightness and comfort of this instrument is impressive. This needle driver is to suturing what Carbon Fiber is to cycling.

A game-changer.

Dr. Louis Drouin, Periodontist, Paro Implanto Pointe-Claire, Quebec

I had a chance to use the new instruments. The performance is remarkable. Thus far I have used them for blepharoplasties and I am eager to use them for other procedures as well. The tissue forceps outperform the others I have used. The added slip resistance coupled with the total protection against iatrogenic damage to tissue is significant. My assistant likes the suture cutter. It enables her to perfectly trim sutures automatically,  even when the line of sight is impaired.

Daniel Man, M.D., Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Over the last several months I have been using your precision suture scissors. The very sharp edges and firm shearing pressure results in very smooth, clean cuts in tissues and sure cuts through sutures.They hold up well and seem pretty impervious to damage unlike standard surgical scissors which often seem fragile.

Timothy B. Bentley, Ph.D., Naval Medical Research

After 43 years of periodontal treatment and having gone through many types of instruments to cut sutures and tissue I have found these scissors to be an absolute breakthrough. Removing sutures is often difficult when tissue proliferates and the ability of these scissors to cut at the very tip so efficiently has made post operative suture removal much easier for myself and my patients.

Victor M. Sternberg, D.M.D., P.C., Periodontics and Implantology

I have been using Laschal instruments for over a year now. In spite of their delicate appearance they are extremely durable and strong. The grip strength of the Castroviejo Needle Holders is very high for all needle sizes that I have used. They do a great job with PTFE sutures. I have also used them to stabilize flaps during releasing procedures. They hold tissue well without trauma to the soft tissue. The Tunnel Graft Forceps are very effective for tunneling procedures as well as pulling the graft material into position. I was recently performing a procedure to remove a failed implant that had partially migrated to the sinus cavity. I was able to get hold of the flat cover screw edge of the implant and the tissue holders were strong enough to grip and remove it. I highly recommend Laschal instruments.

Ralph J. Kaye, D.M.D., Practice Limited to Periodontics Implant Surgery