Laschal Instrument Demonstration Videos

Tissue Graft Forceps

Our micro thin forceps provide a simplified method
for the placement of tunnel connective tissue grafts.


Our periotomes are designed and manufactured to be flexible and fracture resistant.
Micro serrated for simple and efficient separating of the periodontal ligament eliminating tissue damage.

ThumLok ® Technology

Laschal Surgical instruments are offered with our ThumLok ® Technology.
Our single piece lock makes our instruments easier to use. The lock will never fail to disengage.

SofTouch Suture Scissors

Our SofTouch Suture Scissor is designed to easily and gently cut sutures without creating additional trauma to irritated tissue.

Snagless Needle Holder

Our Snagless Needle Holder is designed to be universal and holds every size needle without losing it’s shape or strength. No joint means no snagging a suture while tying a knot.

Steiglitz Style Edodontic Forceps

Our flexible prongs create linear torque and never splay, making our Steiglitz Style Forceps the perfect tool for retrieving separated files and silver points.

Implant Component Forceps

Never lose an abutment, component, or implant to the floor, or down the throat again. These forceps stabilize components and abutments of all sizes during installation.

Endodontic File Forceps

Fatigue relief. Laschal Endodontic File Forceps take the file out of the fingers, and the fingers out of the line of sight. Used primarily for instrumentation of a canal, and penetration of a calcified canal.

Flawless Suture Cutter

The safest suture cutter in the world. Period.

Cutting Edge Needle Holder

A needle holder and a suture cutter in one instrument.

Laschal Suture Scissor Combo

First it cuts, then it pulls. For removing sutures with one hand.

FXP Trophing System

Sometimes files break deep in the canal. The FXP Trophing System makes retrieval easy. Diamond coated for long lasting abrasion and transfer vibration without conducting heat.

CORN Forceps by Laschal

For precise guided tissue penetration, with less than a 3mm margin

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