Figures-1-2-THE-EFFECTS-OF-STERILIZATION-PROCEDURES-ON-THE-PERFORMANCE-AND-DURABILITY-OF-SURGICAL-SCISSORSThroughout the 50 autoclave cycles, the five (5) Laschal devices (T-1 to T-5) demonstrated no visible changes in the appearance of the instruments (FIGURE 1). The Laschal devices also demonstrated no change in force to open the handles of the scissors and no visible changes or damage to the cutting edges of the scissors after 50 cycles. Also the five (5) Lashcal devices (T-1 to T-5) demonstrated no apparent change in cut performance; the scissors consistently and smoothly cut the test material.

The Control Device (C-1) demonstrated no visible changes in appearance, no change in force to open handles, and no visible changes or damage to the cutting edges. After 33 autoclave cycles, however, the Control Device required more apparent force to cut (from a rating of 5 to 4) and the cut was noted as “rough” (FIGURE 2). After the 37th cycle, the performance of the Control Device required more force to cut (from a rating of 4 to 3) and was also noted as “rough”. After the 38th cycle, the rating increased from a 3 to 4 but the cut performance dropped from a 4 to 3 following the 48th cycle and was noted again as “rough”. Also noted in the study, the Control Device (C-1) showed discoloration following the 47th autoclave cycle.


After 50 autoclave cycles, the Laschal SERIES ZERO – Ring Handle Tenotomy Scissors demonstrated consistent sharpness and performance, strength and stability. There were no changes in the performance and durability of Laschal Scissors test after test whereas the performance and durability of the Control Device, an industry standard instrument, decreased notably after repeated autoclaving. In addition to consistent sharpness and performance, the Laschal test devices also demonstrated no visible changes
in appearance, functionality (opening and closing), or damage to the cutting edges of the scissors.


The Effects of Sterilization Procedures on the Performance and Durability of Surgical Scissors

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