The End of the Castroviejo

Needle Holders



ThumLok® NEVER Fails to Disengage the Needle, NEVER Gets Stuck
• Torque Adjustable – Holds Every Size Needle and Never Bends out of Shape
• No Joint to Snag a Suture While Tying a Knot




15.5cm straight Baraquer TCLR/TL
15.5cm curved Baraquer TCLCR/TL
18cm straight Baraquer 7-TCLR/TL
18cm curved Baraquer 7-TCLCR/TL


15.5cm straight Baraquer FNH-S
15.5cm curved Baraquer FNH-C
18cm straight Baraquer FNH-S6
18cm curved Baraquer FNH-C6

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